Ever since its introduction, eBooks have remained a favored form of medium for many passionate readers. The popularity of eBooks got even higher due to the introduction of smartphones and tablet devices in the consumer world. For reading eBooks, iPads are the sure choice to go for, owing to the many benefits it offers to the user.

The retina display in iPads renders sharper and clearer text content that makes it ideal for all kinds of reading purposes. The increased size of the iPad display also makes it ideal for reading than all the other devices. However, effective utilization of the iPad for reading eBooks requires specialized eBook reader applications.

For iOS devices, there is a plethora of such book reader applications available for download in the App Store. Using these applications will make your reading much easier and their many features will provide improved accessibility of the text content. The following are some of the best eBook reader alternatives for iPad users.


Kindle is the most successful and sought after eBook reader among iOS devices. It contains a huge catalog of over 90,000 eBooks that will surely be a delight for any reader. It comes with the Whispersync feature that can automatically sync the last page read as well as the bookmarks, notes, etc. across many devices.

Using this eBook reader through your iPad tablet requires an Amazon account on part of the user to fully access the features. Customizable fonts and backgrounds along with a good reading experience are some of its major advantages. It is available for free download in the Apple App Store.


Goodreads the popular website filled with information on literature and reading is another good app for reading eBooks. For accessing Goodreads, the user is required to join as a free member on the website. One of the major features of this reader application is the book sharing service, which allows the user in adding friends, update the list of must read, and organize the currently reading books. Through the Goodreads app, the users can download around two thousand books freely.


iBooks is Apple’s sole eBook reader and has been released as a response to many leading players in the field like Amazon. Featuring a well-designed interface and eBook catalog that updates through the iBookstore, the iBooks app is designed to feel like reading a real printed book. It also comes preloaded with seven fonts and layouts.