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Your Windows 10 or 7 inch tablet is incomplete without the latest updates. For this reason, you have to keep an eye on the latest updates. Keep it in mind that new updates for Windows 10 will be available November 2019. Codename 19H2 is ready to release. The latest version will be known as the 1909 version. This quick and small windows 10 updates will be available in the form of a service pack. It will be an excellent addition to improve the performance of Windows 10.

Less Disruptive Updates with Some Changes

John Cable of Microsoft explains that the updates may be a scoped set of unique features. These features may help you to improve performance, enhance quality and use several enterprise features. With these updates, you will be able to fix different bugs, use performance tweaks and some business features. Make sure to transfer necessary data to your 7 inch tablet or other devices for its safety. Before updating your windows, you have to secure your data to other devices.

7 inch tablet

Better Than Previous Updates

If you are not happy with the big updates of Windows 10, you will not be annoyed with 19H2 2019 update. Installing this update is more than installing cumulative updates, such as a small service pack. This small update will take a few minutes. There is no need to worry about reboot and purging of the old installation.

Microsoft wants to avoid buggy updates; therefore, the new updates will help you to save time. Before making any change in your computer, arrange a 7 inch tablet android 6 to transfer your data.

File Explorer Online Search

With file explorer, you can get the advantage of search experience. Type in your search box and see a dropdown menu. You will be able to see the suggested files. Right-click on the search results to open the location of the file. It is possible to access classic, powerful search experience by hitting enter. In this way, you can get advantage of non-indexed locations. Windows was started with 20H1 and move to 19H2 update. 

7 inch tablet

Voice Assistants on Lock Screen

In updated version Windows 10, Cortana will run on the lock screen. Microsoft is interested in making Cortana a consumer product. Cortana is becoming a voice assistant similar to Google assistant.  Other voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa will be able to run on the lock screen of Windows 10.

This feature will start working automatically once Amazon works on Alexa. You will be able to talk to these assistants and give commands.

Creation of Calendar from Taskbar

The use of calendar application in Windows 10 can make your life easy. It will allow you to create calendar events from the taskbar. Hit on the time of taskbar and open a calendar to view it. Feel free to click a date and type in a text box. You will be able to create a calendar event. To specify everything, you have to adjust the location, time and name.

Microsoft is paying attention to improve notifications on your tabletYou can configure different notifications in action center and notification banners.

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