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The new waterproof kindle is also available in the market at an affordable price. For e-readers, Kindle paperwhite is a vital device. It allows you to access the Kindle library with all books. With this waterproof device, there is no need to worry about kids in your house. 

The new kindle paperwhite comes with waterproof qualities. This device is lightweight to increase your convenience. With this device, you can hold many books. Moreover, you can access audiobooks from Audible. Feel free to use your headphones to listen to these books. The latest device of kindle has numerous unique features. Current improvements in the device are significant.

Limited-time Promotion from Amazon

Amazon offers a limited-time promotion. You can choose a free subscription for six months from Kindle Unlimited. The Netflix-style subscription allows you to access digital books. Buying Kindle waterproof, you can listen to and read a book at your leisure.Waterproof tablet

Highlighted Features of Waterproof Kindle

  • The product is available in twilight blue or black
  • The lightest, thinnest Kindle Paperwhite features 300 PPI glare-free design and flush-front design. It allows you to read similar to a real paper even in sunlight.
  • Waterproof design allows you to relax and read at the pool, beach or in a bathtub.
  • It comes with 8GB storage that can be expanded to 32GB. With its excellent storage, it can hold more audiobooks, comics and magazine.
  • With audible qualities, you can pair it with speakers and headphones to listen to your books.
  • After charging its battery, you can read it for several weeks
  • With built-in lights (adjustable), you can easily use it outdoors and indoors, night and day.

  Good for Travelers

If you want a lightweight device to travel, pack this device with you. The lightest and thinnest paperwhite offers a modern, sleek design. It allows you to read for hours without any trouble. The device features a glare-free display and laser-quality text. 

With waterproof qualities, feel free to relax at any place and read your favorite books. Carry t to bath, pool or beach. It features an IPX8 rating for protection against accidental immersion to almost two meters. This device can survive in fresh water for nearly 60 minutes. 

The Kindle Paperwhite allows you to carry a story with you. Feel free to listen to your favorite books. Immersion reading is an essential feature of this device. With immersion reading, you can deeply read a story. A professional narrator will share the story of audiobooks

Get the advantage of real-time highlighting. If you want to boost your reading comprehension, immersion reading is an essential feature for you. 

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