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For a 7 inch tabletyou will be able to get android 10. Fortunately, this update is ready to hit Galaxy S10 in Canada. The stable 10-based android One 2.0 UI update will roll out to Canadian users. This software update will be available for Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+ users. Only limited devices will get this update.

Samsung is ready to roll out 2.0 10-based android stable update for its S10 series. You can upgrade your device in Canada. Remember, this update will be available in other countries in 2020. Main firmware updates will be released in stages. Several states will receive this update in upcoming days for their 7 inch tablet. See the name of countries where android 10 updates are available.


Germany Panama Poland
South Korea Spain United Arab Emirates
India France Vietnam
Nordic United Kingdom Mexico
Brazil Thailand Israel
Colombia Argentina Taiwan
Peru Italy Netherlands
Chile Greece (Vodafone) Slovenia
Ecuador Croatia (Vodafone) Ukraine
Slovakia Netherlands (Vodafone) Spain (Vodafone)
Baltic Romania (Vodafone) Czech Republic (Vodafone)
Hungary Romania (Orange) Austria (Vodafone)
Greece Spain (Orange) Germany (Vodafone)
Belgium/Luxembourg Nepal Cyprus (Vodafone)
Romania Bangladesh Slovenia (Vodafone)
Kazakhstan Sri Lanka Italy (Vodafone)
Portugal United Kingdom (EE) Bulgaria
Switzerland Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia
Austria Poland (Play) Caucasus
Philippines Czech Republic (O2) Malaysia


If you are living in any of the country mentioned in this list, you can download an update of android 10. Check updates in your device in the software update section and start manual updates. You may find these updates for your 7 inch tablet.

7 inch tablet

Do you need android 10 updates?

For your devices, you will need updates from android. Remember, this new operating system has numerous benefits. You will be able to customize your phone, complete different tasks and control your privacy. It allows you to use the live caption, gesture navigation, sound amplifier, smart reply, privacy controls, dark theme, security updates, location controls and focus mode.

Live Caption

Media can play this caption automatically on your android phone. It can caption videos, audio messages and podcasts. Feel free to record yourself without cell phone data and wifi.

Smart Reply

With android 10, it will be easy for you to increase the efficiency of 7 inch tablet. You can get suggestions and recommend actions. Smart reply allows you to communicate with your friends and set dinner plans. Moreover, it will be easy for you to pull up directions in Google Maps.

7 inch tablet

Sound Amplifier

It will help you to listen to the sound in your surroundings. With this amplifier, you can boost sound, fine-tune your audio and filter background noise. It will be easy for you to watch TV, listen to lectures and talk to your best friend.

Gesture Navigation

With this feature, you can get around with a pull and a swipe. Gestures become intuitive and quick. Go forwards and backwards to pull up the home screen. Feel free to swipe up and see open apps. Everything on your 7 inch tablet will be smooth and easy with this operating system.

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