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If you need a tablet to read books, check the list of the 10 cheapest tabletsThese tablets are equally useful because you can read kindle books on iOS or android. You can download special apps to read kindle books on your device. See these options:

Read Kindle Books on iOS

You can read kindle books on iPhone/iPad with special kindle app. Apple devices allow you to download the kindle app and get access to the kindle library. See these simple instructions:

Download Kindle Application (iOS)

If you want to read kindle books, download kindle application for iOS. Feel free to find this app from App Store. Use a search pane to find a kindle app for your device. After downloading and installing a kindle app, you have to register your app with an Amazon account. 

  • Open Kindle app and type in Amazon credentials, such as password and name. Click the “Sign in” button to register an iPhone/iPad to Amazon account.
  • Click the “Cloud” tab at the base of the screen and see books stored in the cloud library of Kindle. Tap the cover of a book that you want to read to start downloading it to iPhone/iPad. 

After downloading the book from your cloud tab, you can see this in a “Device” section. Remember, you can get offline access to every book available on your device. 

10 cheapest tablets

Read Kindle Books on Android Devices

Make sure to connect your smartphone or android tablet with the internet. Visit the official website of Amazon and download kindle for your device. Remember, the Amazon app store is available for every user. On your android device, you have to install the Amazon Appstore app and kindle for free.

On your browser type in

Scroll down to choose “All Departments – Apps for Android – Apps”. Type in android kindle and click “Go”.

Click “Kindle for android” and choose “get from AppStore Amazon” and click “Go”.

Click Kindle for android app and choose “Get from AppStore of Amazon”.

Now you can download and install appstore app of Amazon and register this app with an Amazon account. Feel free to download kindle for an android app from this store. Remember, users for the United States can download this app. 

You can download this app from the browser because kindle for apk is available. Remember, you have to type in “Kindle for apk android download” in the search bar and tap “download”.

 Feel free to check download progress and start installing once the downloading is done.

After installing a kindle app, you can read your favorite kindle books on android smartphones and tablets. Register your kindle app and purchase or download books to android devices. Transfer these books to your phone or tablet. Make sure to remove DRM from kindle books. For this purpose, you have to install an eBook converterThis converter can remove DRM (digital rights management) from current books.

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