The thing that sets nighters apart from subpar students is that they stay all night for catching up with pending studies. However, all types of students prefer the tablets that offer portable eBooks, and not just the nerdy nighters. If you were looking for such a device, here is how Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 fares in terms of performance.

Android Applications Enhance Studies

Android offers plenty of educational applications the prominent among them being Evernote, RealCalc, and Kindle E-Reader. With Evernote, students can enqueue study material to cloud platform alongside pictures, audio, and even videos attached. Quintessentially, these are all Play Store applications that synchronize well with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Where to Store Files

The Galaxy Tab 2 offers additional storage via microSD card slot, even though inbuilt storage features both 16 and 32 GB variants. Storing tons of study material consumes external space, in turn making internal storage an integral part of the device.

Cloud Storage with Dropbox

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 gives students cloud access via the Dropbox app that syncs well with desktop PC. All students need to do is register with Dropbox, and they get 50 GB of free storage for one year. Not just that, students can also share the files stored on Dropbox in bulk and through to their respective friend circle.

Portable Document Editing

The Galaxy Tab 2 comes with Polaris Office, which is perhaps an Android answer to the desktop version of MS Office. Students continuously read or edit Excel and Word documents based on the number of volumes they cover daily. Imagine being a first standard student and editing an impromptu presentation on PowerPoint. Wouldn’t that be great?

eBooks via Readers Hub

Being the default eBook reader in Galaxy Tab 2, Readers Hub offers books and newspaper in PDF format. When the lights switch off at night, you tend to share something across platforms from some of the things you may read.

The modern educational ecosystem employs portable means to study for the betterment of student-teacher centric interaction. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a tablet that gels well with the overall ecosystem and its participants too.