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The user of Tab S3 always seems to enjoy this tablet since it’s running an android OS which seems better than having a windows tablet pc. The device comes with a 9.7-inch high-resolution screen, a throughout the day battery, and an S Pen stylus that makes drawing on the screen fun and exciting. 

This tablet does fall on all the expectations that you can have from a company like Samsung, and it’s products. And what do you expect? A brilliant level of user experience and smooth working.

The Design

On the front, Samsung has a glossy finish with a Samsung logo at the top.

Along the left half of the tablet, you’ll discover buttons to control volume and lock the screen. There’s additionally a lot of connectors that enable you to attach the Galaxy Tab S3 to a keyboard to utilize it more as a laptop. For example, A windows tablet pc.

On the base, you’ll discover an earphone jack, two speaker grilles, and a USB-C port

windows tablet pc

The Performance

820 processor is enough to process data, and additional 4GB of RAM helps the tablet to work more briskly. Although these are old features, even then the performance level of S3 can compete with a new tablet with updated features. 

Stylus Pen

You can use your Galaxy’s S3 pen to draw and make diagrams on the screen. Individuals who are interested in drawing and sketching can make full use of this gadget. It can also help business people in their routine tasks. This device can also get seen with windows tablet pc. 

The Display 

The Galaxy Tab S3’s display can match and outperform many new tablets. Watching movies and surfing the internet is fun with this display. 

Quality Speakers

The Galaxy Tab S3 has quad stereo AKG speakers. Guess what? These speakers are auto-adjustable, which means they can change the sound level and pitch depending upon the environment. We were truly dazzled by the tablet’s sound quality which sounded better than an iOS tablet and windows tablet pc.

The Battery

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 holds a 6,000mAh battery which means eight hours of Internet use time, 102 hours of music playback and 12 hours of video streaming. The battery works as the company describes it. You can manage a full workday with this battery easily. It is something which is lacking in new tablet models of windows tablet pc too. 

The Camera:

The Galaxy Tab S3 has a 13-megapixel autofocus rear camera which helps in clicking sublime shots using this tablet and a 5-megapixel front camera which caters the functions like video calling or clicking selfies.

Remarks: Even though it probably won’t be as incredible as the new iPad Pro or the Galaxy Tab S4, for some clients who don’t require extravagant accessories and wants to enjoy the good multimedia experience, the Tab S3 takes care of business.

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