iPads are great gadgets for event planners who wish to have meetings that are very interactive, as these devices are ideal platforms to conduct paperless meetings, run conference apps, or engage with POS (point-of-sale) solutions. It is true that renting iPads for conferences and meetings can be cheaper than buying new ones, but what if you need larger quantities or for long periods.

Buying iPads will be a better option if:

  • You are planning to use them for many years;
  • You are looking for brand new dev ices out of the box;
  • Your team has the resources and time to handle the logistics;
  • You wish to have specific colors for the iPads; or
  • You would like to give away the iPads as prizes after the meeting or the event.

Renting iPads will be best if:

  • You wish to cut costs on the devices;
  • You team does not have the resources or time to manage shipping and logistics related with buying iPads;
  • You wish to have easy onsite setup and support for the devices;
  • You wish to have professional customization on many iPads; or
  • You need to have round the clock support and contingency plans.

Wholesale tablet dealers will inspect and charge the devices before every event to ensure that the devices are in proper working condition. They will check if the devices have the latest version of iOS installed in them and that the devices are wiped clean of all previous user data and documents. The steps done by bulk tablet rental agencies before supplying iPads for events are listed below.

  • Charge the devices;
  • Erase contents in the device and update the iOS;
  • Create custom images if needed and push the image to all the iPads;
  • Check if all the customizations are satisfactory in all the devices and power them down;
  • Pack the iPads for shipping to the event venue and ship them; and
  • Track the shipments and monitor returns.

These are the general steps performed by iPad rental agencies before supplying iPads in bulk for various events and meetings. The wholesale tablet dealer will ensure that all the devices are in pristine condition before supplying them for your event and you can have the peace of mind that they will offer the right technical help when you need it.