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If you are searching for an option in contrast to the iPad Mini, it’s difficult to disregard the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Samsung tablets are among the top-rated Android-based tablets- you can’t put them in the category of a cheap android tablet.

 There are other companies as well, which are a part of this healthy competition, but Samsung vs. Apple rivalry is always on top, and we have a valid reason for that. Both these companies offer devices which are reliable and full of amazing features. 

So why are we discussing iPad Mini and Samsung’s 7 Inch tablets? 

Well, If you’re a technology freak, then buying a 7 inch tablet is going to be the toughest decision in your life. Competition among companies has given huge benefit to the general customer. People usually don’t want to buy a 10 inch or even 12-inch tablet because of the plus points a relatively smaller tablet has in it. 

The most important feature of tablets is their size- be it an expensive tablet or cheap android tablet. The 7 inch tablets feel perfect to most of the technology users. You can enjoy decent features without pushing yourself out of your budget.

Let’s give a read to what could be the possible pros and cons of such tablets.

cheap android tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy Tab takes more from the first Kindle Fire than the most up to date models.  It is not so hard to get impressed by an android tablet. Samsung Tabs are almost similar to Apple’s 7 inch mini-tablet.

 The most recent Galaxy Tab comes in three variants: 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inch. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for the 8 GB Wi-Fi model has alternatives to grow the capacity ability to 32 GB and include 3G or LTE support. It additionally supports up to 64 GB microSD. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A also falls in the same size as a lineup. But it offers more storage capacity and better processing experience than it’s predecessor one with 7 inch display.

 It has a dedicated button for lock or sleep is right above the volume up button, which makes the person feel bad for using a cheap android tablet.

The iPad Mini 

With the IPad mini, you will get a tablet that feels better in your grasp, supports more applications, conveys an extraordinary user experience with quick reaction time to nearly anything you attempt to do with it. 

The iPad Mini 2 is a 7.9-inch form of the iPad Mini, making it probably the quickest tablet available, and keeping in mind that the first iPad Mini has the specifications of an iPad 2, It can challenge any good android 7 inch tablet.

So who is the winner?

Several features support Samsung’s cheap android tablet over Apple’s iPad. But if you’re talking about the user experience, then I believe iPad runs more smoothly and feels more secure. The only point where Samsung 7 inch tablets beat iPad is price factor other than that iPad has a lot more to offer than other 7 inch tablets.

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