Android users may have noticed that some of the apps in Google Play Store come with a price tag. These paid apps will not have the annoying ads that fill your tablet screen as you might have seen using free apps, and they will be better developed. With Google Play, buying apps is very easy. However, it can be a bit tricky for the first time buyers and first time Android users. Worry not, the tips shared below by wholesale Android tablets dealers would help you to buy paid apps from the Play Store easily without getting stuck or encountering any errors.

Buying Paid Apps

To buy paid apps, you will need a credit card. Add the details of the credit card to your Google account. This service is called Google Wallet, and can be configured easily when you set up the tablet for the first time or while buying an app. The steps to set up are the same in both the cases. When you set up the device for the first time, or while trying to buy an app, a new page named Entertainment will appear. In the page, you will have to select Set up Credit Card to add the details of the card.

If you have skipped the step at the beginning, you need not worry either, as you just need to add the payment type that you prefer in the Play Store when you tap on the price after selecting the paid app. Select Continue and type in your info. Your credit card will be registered for all your future purchases. There are also options to use a Google Play Gift Card or a PayPal account. If you wish to add payment details even when you are not buying an app, you can select the side menu and then choose My Account.

After adding your credit card, you can not only buy apps, but also movies, music, and books from the Play Store without adding the information again and again. When you make a successful purchase, you will receive an email message confirming the transaction and the details of the payment.

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