Android tablets are one of the best options available to users when they are in the market for buying a tablet. Android tablets are incredibly fast, easy to use, and they also allow us to do a number of activities and tasks with ease. However, many people who use Android tablets recently stated that they are having issues with the touchscreen of their device.

Some of the common touchscreen issues reported by Android tablet users are as follows.

  • The touchscreen becomes often becomes unresponsive
  • Some parts of the screen does not respond while other parts of the screen continues to respond
  • The touchscreen of the tablet responds incorrectly

If the screen of your Android tablet is free of any physical damages but it suddenly stopped responding to your touch, then this will be most probably due to software related issues. Below are a few simple steps that may help you resolve the issue.

Restart the Device

You should restart your Android tablet before you start performing any other type of troubleshooting procedures on your tablet. Restarting the tablet may help you to prevent software glitches that may be preventing the screen of your tablet from functioning.

  • Press and hold the power button of your tablet until the screen becomes black
  • Wait for a minute or two and then turn the device on by holding the power button again

Make sure to check whether the issue is solved or not before proceeding to the next step.

Remove SIM Card and Memory Card

In some cases, the touch screen problem of your Android tablet might be due to a faulty memory card of SIM card. Follow these set of steps to check if this solves the issue.

  • Switch off your Android tablet
  • Remove the back cover of the device and carefully take off both SIM card and memory card from the device
  • Now, reboot the issue and see if the issue is solved or not

Factory Reset

If the touch screen of your Android tablet is still completely unresponsive, then performing a factory reset in Recovery Mode on the device may help you solve the issue. However, a factory reset will delete all the data in your tablet. So, seek the help of technician before doing so and use it only as the last resort.