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If you want to buy a new tablet, then you should try finding the cheapest tablet deals. When it comes to buying from these deals, it’s important to compare the different models being offered and pick the one with the most value for your money. If you don’t know how, let us give you a few pointers.


Even when you get the cheapest tablet deals, you have to compare its screen to assure you are getting your money’s worth starting with the screen size. A 7” to 8” screen should work well. It’s only a bit larger than most smartphones today. These compact tablets are small enough to fit into most pockets.

A tablet with a 10-inch screen or larger has better view and resolution. It really stands out when you are watching movies, streaming videos, or listening to music. You will notice the better resolution, sharpness, and color gamma. Even when browsing web pages, playing video games, or doing just about anything, the screen will stand out. Make sure you compare the screen to assure you are getting a good deal.

Resolution is also important, so don’t leave it out of your decision making. Resolution means the number of dots on the whole screen. You will see great detail on high-resolution screens. This is important if you are watching an HD movie or playing graphic-intensive video games.

cheapest tablet deals


There are several components that define how well the tablet performs. First, there is the processor and RAM. It dictates your device’s speed and multi-tasking ability. If you are buying from cheapest tablet deals, you should look for a Dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM at least. If you are paying a higher premium, then you should look for a quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM.

The same goes for the battery. A cheap deal can get you a tablet with an hour or two battery life. This is excellent if you are buying on a budget, but if you have the money to afford something better, then find a tablet with 4-6 battery life. If you are in the market comparing options, then don’t overlook the battery life.

Built Quality and Storage

Most models now come with more than 64 GB Internal storage. When it comes to buying a tablet, some tablets have metal encasing, while most of them are made from plastic. Just because something is plastic, doesn’t mean it has poor built quality. There are a lot of examples of how general plastics were hardened and how well it survives years of use.

Yes, metal encasing might raise the pricing, but it will better protect your device throughout its use. Like we said, most modern tablets are coming with 64 GB storage, but that is not the case with cheap tablets. These devices only have 8 GB to 16 GB storage at best. You are going to need an SD card to expand the storage to keep your important files. If you are getting the cheapest tablet deals, you are going to make some compromises on performance.

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