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What should you look for whenever you buy android Google Tablet 9 Inch? You need to mind a few things when it comes to buying a tablet. Following we are going to give you a quick guide. This guide will help you make a well-informed decision and get your money’s worth.

Size and Weight

Tablets are designed to be mobile, and due to this fact, size and weight play an important role. You will hold this device for long periods of time. You don’t want anything bulky or heavy. The lighter better, it should never compromise durability. You might drop the device. Thickness is an important measure as it determines how the device will fit in your hand. A heavy and wide tablet will be hard to hold in your hand for long. There are several benefits of android Google Tablet 9 Inch.

android google tablet 9 inch


The display also acts as a user interface, which makes it an important part of your purchasing decision. The factors to consider when buying is size, resolution, brightness, viewing angle, and coating. The size determines how easy and hard it is read something and view content.

Resolution is important if you want to watch HD content. You need at least 720 lines for portrait orientation. Viewing angles are also important because several people use tablets at once on different occasions. Brightness is also an important factor, its important because sometimes the tablet is used outdoors. The bright screen makes it easy to see content even when there is a glare outside. The coating should be tough so that you won’t see scratches.


Most tablets use the same OS as a desktop and laptops, still choosing between these will make a huge difference. Every operating system has its pros and cons. The key is how are you going to use the OS. If you want to use the tablet as a traditional PC, it’s better to buy a Microsoft Surface product instead of Android Google Tablet 9 inch.

If you want to watch videos and use the device for entertainment, then you are better off with Apple. Otherwise, if you want something between professional use and entertainment, then android will serve you best.


Tablets are mobile devices, so they will be connected to a network all the time. There are two different kinds of connectivity in tablets: Wifi and cellular. Wifi is very simple because you need to connect to local Wifi hotspots. The thing to look for is what type of Wifi is supported. Android Google Tablet 9 Inch supports 802.11n Wifi; if you want the best, then you have to buy something that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Cellular is a bit complicated as you need to select a carrier. Bluetooth is used for local peer to peer connection between tablets and other devices.

Battery Life

Tablets are more portable than laptops. You need something that can last you at least 6 hours before needing to charge again. High-end models can last for more than 10 hours; some can easily last 17 hours.

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