Many of the iPad users do not understand the full potential of their device. It is true that iOS is a scaled down operating system, but there are numerous features hidden inside the device and it is robust enough to run some of the powerful apps. Some of the cool things that can be done using an iPad are explained below.

Access your Home PC from your iPad

iTeleport is a great app that can help iOS users access their home computer from iPad. With the help of the app, iPad users can start or stop downloads, access email files, or even play some music on your home computer remotely. By using the app, you will obviously come up with many creative and useful ways to use your home PC.

Use as a Media Remote

Many of the iPad users do not know that they can use their iPad as a media remote. The device can be used to control computer or other AirPlay compatible devices and can be used as a remote controller for music and video. Yet to use the feature, you just need to ensure that all the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can download the remote app from Apple Store to start using the feature.

Split On-Screen Keyboard in Half

For more ergonomic typing experience, some of the users like to split the onscreen keyboard arrangement. To do that, just tap and hold the keyboard button located at the bottom right hand corner and choose the Split option from the pop-up menu. This will split the on-screen keyboard in half instantly.

Enable Private Browsing

Whatever you are browsing in the Safari web browser, you can keep it off the record just by enabling the private browsing feature. To enable the feature, click on the Settings app and tap on Safari. Under Privacy Settings, you will need to set the Private Browsing switch to the On position to enable the feature. Doing this will ensure that all your web activities are strictly “off the record”.

Two Spaces for a Period

You just need to double tap on the space bar to insert a period. You can use this small trick to make typing on the virtual keyboard of the iPad even easier.