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After checking out difference between the iPad and android tablet wholesale prices, you can buy the best device for you. These devices may vary on battery life, download speed, and processing power. The market has versatile tools for every type user, you can use them for your personal and professional activity. Play games, write documents, manage projects, browse and more. After installing appropriate apps, it will be easy for you to manage your daily tasks. However, unnecessary apps in your device can eat at the battery power of your device. Here are some tips to increase the battery life on your iPad.

Decrease Brightness of Screen

Did you know the brightness of the screen can affect the battery life of your iPad or android tablet? By simply adjusting the light on the screen, you can save your battery life. To adjust brightness, go to “Settings – Display and Brightness” to make easy adjustments. People often use Auto-Brightness settings that can adjust your screen brightness automatically. You may need extra brightness in your device when outside, or very dim just before bed. Auto-brightness can automatically adjust settings based on the light it sensesandroid tablet wholesale prices

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi connection will use less power than cellular connections. There is no need to keep it on always, the constant searching will kill your battery fast. Bluetooth also needs a lot of energy. It’s best to keep both turn off until you are ready to use them. By keeping them off, you can save your battery from draining for now reason. 

Switch Off AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to send and receive files between iOS devices. You can use it with both, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This tool can drain the battery of your device quickly, so keep this option off until you are ready for a file transfer. Access the control center to turn off this feature.

Handoff Feature

Extra features and apps in your device can make it slow and drain its battery. The handoff feature allows you to answer a call without using your hand. There is no need always to use this option. Try to keep it off unless you’re driving to save your battery.

Fetch Less (Avoid Pushing)

If you are not using an iPad as your primary device to check email, there is no need to have push notifications for new messages. Turn off the Fetch New Data function from settings on your iPad. With this option, you can fetch data from your iCloud account. Select Manual and pick the frequency with your fetch data options.

App Refresh in Background

Some apps may refresh content even when you are not using them. They do this to have ready to go fresh content and save your time. However, background refresh can be a a great option, but it will drain your battery life.

Turn this option off from settings for your iPad or other devices. If you can’t afford an expensive iPad, check out Android tablets at wholesale price. No matter what you buy save your battery life make sure to turn off unnecessary programs in the background.

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