If the battery of your Android tablet is not lasting for long, it could be the sign of an aging battery. There are many things, which you can do to maximize the life of your Android tablet; however, it is good not to wait until you find the exact issue with the battery. You can start doing these things from the first day you lay hands on the device.


Tablets, smartphones, and laptops make use of lithium-ion batteries and these batteries will lose their charge holding capacity over time. The tips shared by bulk wholesale tablets dealers can help you delay this process but you will not be able to stop this completely.

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to retain up to eighty percent of its charge for a particular number of charge cycles and this number will be more for the expensive and bigger batteries that are usually found in laptops and tablets. For example, Apple claims that the batteries of their iPhone models are capable of holding eighty percent of the charge for five hundred plus charge cycles, while this number reaches to thousand for MacBook and iPad models.

How to Prolong Battery Life

It is true that you cannot prevent damage to batteries completely, but will be able to reduce the damage by following the below tips.

Mind the Temperature

You need to understand that the temperature plays a big role in the life of the battery of your Android tablet. If you live in areas where the temperature is well above 35 degrees or below 0°Celsius, the capacity of the battery will reduce fast. It is also important to avoid exposing the tablet to direct sunlight or temperatures well below freezing temperatures.

Full Discharge vs. Partial Discharge

You may have heard that it is good to allow the battery of the device to discharge fully before charging it, but in reality, partial discharge cycles are more yielding than full discharge ones. Partial discharge cycles can help improve the performance of the battery and thereby boost the battery’s overall life.

Avoid Ultra Fast Chargers

It is true that ultra fast chargers can help charge the battery of the device real fast, but you need to understand that you are killing the battery of the device by using these ultra fast chargers. It is recommended to use the charger that is provided with the device to charge it. If you do not have the recommended charger, buy one, rather than charging it using some other chargers.

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