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The productivity of android tablets is consistently increasing. You can use  android tablets to complete school assignments, professional projects, and video editing. Fortunately, these devices support keyboards, gamepads, and mouses. If you can’t work with a touchpad, you can attach a mouse to the tablet. Here are some options to learn how to use a mouse with your tablet.

USB Mouse and Keyboard

Android tablets and phones don’t have full-size, standard USB ports. For this reason, it is not possible to plug a mouse directly in USB peripherals. If you want to connect a USB device to an android slate, you can connect it via Bluetooth or wireless.

It is possible to get a mouse cursor after wirelessly connecting a mouse. The same way you can connect a keyboard and Xbox 360 controller. After attaching a keyboard and mouse, it becomes easy to play a game or write an email.

Moreover, you can use an on-the-go USB cable to use USB peripherals of the tabletsIt’s an adapter to plug in a Micro-USB port on a tablet and connect large USBs. Feel free to buy these cables from online stores. 

Before purchasing an on-the-go USB cable, consider the hardware support of your tablet. Remember, some tablets are not compatible to use these cables. After connecting cables on supported devices, the peripherals will start working without extra cheap android tablets

Bluetooth Mouse

If your tablet lacks supported hardware for an on-the-go USB cable, you can choose Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. It is possible to connect Bluetooth devices wirelessly to a tablet or phone. Make sure to use Bluetooth settings of top cheap android tablets to pair a mouse. For your convenience, always buy a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard for your tablet. These devices can easily pass a compatibility test.     

Save Time with the use of Peripherals

Remember, the use of peripherals can be easy for tablet users. Connect a keyboard and a mouse and wait for a few seconds. A mouse cursor will appear on the screen. You can use this cursor for navigation. After installing a mouse, it will be easy for you to use your tablet as a PC.

Best Mouse for Tablets

If you want to buy the best mouse for android tabletshere are some special options to consider:

Logitech MX 2S Master

With 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth interface, it can make your life easy. You can scroll wheels. Thumbwheel and customize buttons. This mouse is specially designed for productivity. If you need an affordable mouse, consider this model.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Classic

This mouse can impress anyone with its classic design, efficient sensor, and white light. Users can ramp up its DPI to almost 3,200. For gamers, this mouse can be an affordable option.

Logitech 2S MX Anywhere

It features a unifying receiver and Bluetooth interface. This mouse comes with a right-handed ergonomic and easy-switch. With its small size, it is an efficient, versatile, and powerful device. For seamless workflow, feel free to use this mouse with your top cheap android tablets.

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