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We have seen lately that many laptop users have started to think of where to get cheap tablets, especially after the launch of Windows 10. You must know that windows ten is not as an accepted version of windows as it should have been and the reason for it is the bugs that irritate users. So whatever the reasons for its receptance are, we will focus on one thing today, and that is the starting or reboot problem of the windows ten and how irritating it can be for users, we will give you the best solutions that you can use to get rid of this problem easily and you will see that after you fix this problem you will stop thinking of where to get cheap tablets and you will easily love using the new and fixed version.

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So the summary of the problem in the discussion today is how we can treat the annoying issue of restart loop. Read the top ways that we have listed below for you guys!

  1. You can easily get rid of the problem if you simply start to change some settings in your computer or laptop system. The simple step that you can take which in most cases solves the problem is to disable the automatic restart option, if you disable this option then in eighty per cent cases we have seen that this problem gets solved.
  2. The second step you should consider while getting rid of this restart loop problem is to remove bad registry and reset the registry settings!
  3. The third important step is to fix driver issues because this is one of the most important reasons that starts the restart loop problem.
  4. Now the fourth solution we can tip you is to use a tool that is simply launched and developed to fix the restart loop problem in windows ten. This tool is known as the Windows 10 Best loop automatic repair tool.
  5. The fifth solution is to check the file system and remove any problem in it.
  6. The sixth and one of the most effective solutions is to refresh or to reinstall the windows ten operating system on your computer. Sometimes because of viruses, this problem can occur, and you can easily remove it by refreshing your windows system!
  7. The seventh and the last tip that we can give you to solve the problem is to fix your hardware issues. You must have seen and experienced this problem with previous versions of windows as well that a hardware issue can delay or stop the boot of the computer system. 

We hope that you will get rid of this restart loop problem with following the steps that we have stated above!

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