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Tablets have taken the place of laptops and desktop systems, especially after the launch of Samsung Galaxy tablets and the iPad. This is because of the compatible features of the tablet and also because the device is more easily portable, then the other two windows operating systems. But these are not only the reasons that people are thinking of what are the cheap tablets; rather, there are some other important points and bugs that make the users shift to the tablet. We are going to discuss one of these bugs today and we would like you to read about it carefully so that you can also know about the solution to that problem.

How to fix the problem of the blue screen, also known as the screen of death!

You must have heard about the safe mode in Windows operating system. The safe mode is the mode or the platform which can help you in gathering complete information about the different issues being faced by the operating system. Out of all the issues that are faced by the windows systems, the blue screen is not more different, and you can simply check for it after getting in the safe mode.

When you are booting in safe mode, then you will know that if any third party is affecting the performance of your pc. This is because of the reason that in the safe mode, there is no load on the computer because of the user himself. If you are wondering how you can use safe mode in the Windows operating system, then you must know that it is not impossible.

In earlier Windows operating systems and also in the currently available operating system you must know that you can go to the safe mode by just long pressing the F8 button, now when you are in the safe mode and know about the problem of blue screen you must know about the details of solving it from where you are!

You can simply use the system to restore option in the settings of your operating system. Blue screen is actually a problem that occurs because of the new drivers or tools that you have installed on your computer lately, and you need to get rid of these drivers by restoring the factory settings of your computer. You can easily do so by resetting your data and restarting your device from the settings of your laptop or computer.

When the process of deletion and restoring is complete then you’ll see that the problem of the blue screen will be solved and not only solved you will also get to know about the faulty driver that affected the display of your system. This information will help you refrain yourself from using any same type of drivers in the future and also to save others from these tools and drivers!

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